Mikkel Nielsen
Game Developer

Hello, my name is Mikkel Nielsen, I’m 20 years old and I’m a student living in Grenaa Denmark. As of spring 2017, I am studying AP Computer Science at Dania Games in Grenaa. I am specializing in game development and through this I have made projects as you can see in my portfolio. Before I started on my current education I took a gymnasium in Denmark called HTX (Higher Technical Examination) where I had extra courses in programming and communication/IT. If I’m not working on a school project or hanging out with my friends I like playing video games, and that is where my interest in developing them comes from. Since an early age I have been an avid fan of video games and have spent more time on them, than I would care to admit.

In collaboration with two people I met during my time at Dania Games we decided to co-found an indie company called Acrylec Studios. We are currently working on a bigger project “Chase” and I am working there as one out of three programmers.

Below you can find my portfolio. It includes some of the projects I have devolped in my spare time as well as school projects. You can find a short description and a download link on each of the games if you click on them.

Current Project – Chase

Old projects

Work and Education


Lead Designer/Programmer – Acrylec Studios


AP Graduate Degree, Computer sciene, Dania games Grenaa 2015-Present

Higher Technical Examination, ZBC Vordingborg 2012-2015

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