Mikkel Nielsen

Hello! My name is Mikkel Nielsen, I’m a Danish developer. Programming is a big part of my life and I always try to expand my skillset.

I have a diverse set of skills, ranging from app development, software development, VR development, and programming languages like C#, Java and C++. I have a passion for game development and most of my time is used to create small games.

I have also been part of co-founding a game Company called Acrylec Studios, where we have released a game called Chase on two different Platforms, Steam and Airconsole.


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Work and Education


Acrylec Studios

Programmer & Co-founder • 2016-2018

Acrylec Studios is a game development company located and founded in Denmark. The company consist of three people, Peter Witt(CEO) & Mathias Prisfeldt(CTO) & myself. Acrylec have released a game called Chase on two different platforms, Steam and Airconsole.


Erhvervsakadami Aarhus

PBA Graduate Degree, Computer sciene • 2018-2020

Erhvervsakadami Dania

AP Graduate Degree, Computer sciene • 2015-2018

ZBC Vordingborg

Higher Technical Examination • 2012-2015

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